Engaging The Community

Even though Goal is girl focused, success can only happen when the community – leaders, parents, and girls themselves – believe in the programme and its mission.

Engaging key stakeholders in the community early on is crucial. This can happen in a number of ways:

  • Initial stakeholder meetings with relevant community leaders provide a clear and consistent understanding of Goal and its objectives, request input into timing and venue for the programme, discuss any issues or sensitivities, and secure buy-in.
  • Ongoing discussion and engagement, throughout the programme though one-on-one or small group meetings with key leaders in the community.
  • Events that expose the community to Goal including sport demonstration matches, community festivals with parents, or large group meetings.


Working with Parents

Parents of potential candidates should be the key targets of your outreach. The objective of these events should be to sensitize the group and explore their willingness and concerns about letting their daughters participate in Goal. Organizers may want to engage the parents in Goal activities from the activity guide to showcase the type of learning they will be doing. Choose a simple activity, such as an ice breaker.