Programme Components

Goal addresses issues of personal, social, and economic empowerment for adolescent girls in urban settings.

Our overall programme objectives are:

  • To increase the participants’ knowledge of key life skills
  • To change attitudes among girls and their family members about the value of girls
  • To raise awareness in the broader community about the benefit of empowering and educating girls

Phase 1: Personal Empowerment

The first phase of Goal is the heart of the programme and reaches the largest number of girls. Girls receive one to two hours of programme exposure per week, via one or two sessions, over the course of approximately 10 months.

Phase 2: Social Empowerment

In phase 2, the beneficiaries become benefactors. Some girls who participate in the programme will be identified as particularly engaged, enthusiastic, and talented and are invited to become Goal Champions. We train them to deliver the programme themselves which takes them to another level of empowerment – empowering them not just to help themselves, but their peers and communities.5

Phase 3: Economic Empowerment

The third phase of the programme is focused on helping Goal Champions achieve their personal and financial goals by providing training and access to finance. Depending on cultural context, the model for promoting financial sustainability will be slightly different.

5 For more information on recruiting, training, and monitoring Goal Champions, please see section IV in this document. Appendix B also contains the guidelines for Goal Champion training.