Facilitator Questionnaire

What is it

An open ended qualitative questionnaire and template developed by Women Win to capture and record facilitators’ impressions, thoughts and experiences while running the Goal curriculum. The objective is to ascertain what is working, not working and needs to be changed in the curriculum as well as to gather new and innovative ideas from facilitators around the world.

How to use it

The 10-question questionnaire should be filled out by each coach and facilitator at the end of the Goal programme. The session templates are blank replicas of the sessions you will find in the modules. Each coach/facilitator should fill out one of these templates with something new that he/she did which is not in the current curricula. This may include:

  • a new session introducing a new topic currently not covered
  • a new activity or game addressing a topic already covered
  • a new idea that would be a great Goal addition

How to report back to Women Win

The facilitators can fill in the questionnaire online on the Goal platform.