Drawing Sessions

What is it

Additional sessions at the end of each module that measure, in a qualitative way through drawings and words, how participants understood key concepts from each module. Drawing is a creative way capturing and analysing attitudes towards and perceptions of certain important concepts that are introduced in Goal. We think this is a great supplement to surveys, which can be difficult for staff to administer correctly and intimidating for participants. Through drawing, participants can often express their thoughts more fully and in more nuanced ways. We understand that this might be a foreign activity in some cultures; however, we have also seen the results of allowing young participants express what they think and feel through art and emphasize that this is a powerful monitoring and evaluation tool for any program in any country.

How to use it

The sessions are already integrated into each of the modules, and can be done as a stand alone last session or combined with the session before it. See each module for particular directions for each session. Each session has participants drawing four concepts. If time or logistics are a problem, pick only one concept to measure for that module.

How to report back to Women Win

Drawings are for the organisations themselves and do not need to be sent to Women Win.