Identifying Goal Champions

Certain girls will ‘shine’ in various ways that will highlight to staff their ability to become Goal Champions.

Not all Goal Champions will start out as natural leaders – some will develop through Phase 1. Goal Champions can be recruited at any time, but it may take until the end of Phase 1 to see many of the qualities required to be a Goal Champion.

Qualities of a Goal Champion

There is no exact formula for a Goal Champion – they come in all shapes and sizes, and are of all ages and races. They do share some common qualities:

  • Leadership
    • Has the ability to guide others and takes charge in activities and other situations
  • Inclusiveness
    • Ensures her peers are included and is sensitive to their issues
  • Communication
    • Has strong speaking and literacy skills and can communicate clearly and persuasively both to girls as well as adult authority figures
  • Maturity  
    • While Goal Champions do not necessarily have to be older than programme participants, a high-level of maturity is desired
  • Self-confidence
    • To inspire confidence in others, Goal Champions should be confident in themselves
  • Engagement
    • Goal Champions should attend sessions regularly and be intensively engaged in the programme

Once a girl has shown interest in becoming a Goal Champion, the CBO staff should have one-on-one interviews with potential Goal Champions to be clear about expectations, and be aware of the following factors in the girl’s life:13

  • Family and home situation 
    • Make-up of her household, the occupations of her parents and siblings, economic status of her family, support level of family for girl
  • Availability 
    • Home, school, work or other activities she is already committed to, time available per week
  • Educational background 
    • School attained, literacy skill level
  • Future plans 
    • Marriage plans, work or school status, personal and professional aspirations
  • Potential challenges 
    • Religious or cultural obstacles, physical barriers, potential family intervention

After the interview, Goal Champions should be invited to make a brief presentation on why she wants to be a Goal Champion and what she sees as her role. CBO staff (and other potential Goal Champions) can rate the presentation. These scores should be considered along with the other information on the interview form as a decision is made. This allows for a democratic process in selecting Goal Champions, and to reassure the girls that staff do not ‘play favourites’.


13 See Appendix G for sample interview reports from Mumbai Goal Champions.