Welcome Game

  • Try and facilitate a rapport with the girls and among the girls so that they feel they are a team.
  • It is very important that you don't feel and let others feel that you are here to impart knowledge to girls while they are there to receive it as a passive audience.
  • Explain to the girls that they have a very important role to play in this programme.
  • Try and build the participant's self-confidence as well as their confidence in
  • you as the facilitator.
  • Pay attention to the views and opinions of the girls.
  • Try and ensure that the group works amicably together and each individual gets an opportunity to participate in this programme.
  • Assist girls who cannot read with the activity.
  • Small Pieces of Paper (Chits) with Phrases
  • Markers or Pens 
  • Bowl or Small Cardboard Box
Time Required: 
One Hour
  • To welcome girls to the Goal programme.
  • To introduce girls to the objectives of the programme.
  1. Ask the girls to sit in a circle and welcome them to the Goal programme by explaining the objectives and structure of the programme. Use Handout 1 overleaf.
  2. Explain to the girls that all (including you) are of the same age group and come from similar backgrounds.
  3. Inform them that for the successful conduct of the programme it is important that all girls express and discuss their views and opinions openly.
  4. Collectively decide on a convenient time and day to meet, once every week, for the group educational activities. Also, discuss if the girls would like to meet with each other more often than once a week. Suggest that they should go ahead and organize their small meetings at their own convenience.
  5. To introduce girls to each other, various interesting methods and games can be used. For example:
  • If there are about 30 girls in the group, select 15 phrases that can be split into two; such as ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ and ‘birds of afeather flock together’.
  • Split each phrase in two parts and write one part on one chit and the other part on another chit. Such as, on one chit write ‘a stitch in time ...’ and on the other one write‘… saves nine’. This way, there will be 30 chits for the 15 phrases.
  • Fold these chits of paper and put them in a bowl or box and ask each of the girls to pick up one of the chits.
  • Then, ask the girls to read out their chit and try and find the person who has the chit with the remaining part of the phrase written on their chit. This way there will be 15 pairs of girls.
  • Give each pair 10 minutes to talk to each other and learn their partner’s name, education status, occupation, marital status, hobbies and likes and dislikes.
  • After the 10 minutes ask each participant to introduce their partner to the large group. This way each person will be introduced by their partner.