Ground Rules

  • This activity should occur during the first or second week of the programme.

Large Piece of Paper Tape Marker Copies of Consent Form (if not already signed)

Time Required: 
One Hour
  • To collectively develop and follow the Ground Rules to foster and encourage respect for each other.
  • To improve communication among the group so that girls can share their views without any hesitation in front of the group.
  1. Ask the girls to sit in a circle and inform them that the purpose of the activity is to collectively develop a list of ground rules for discussion within the group so that the group’s time together is productive and respectful and each participant feels comfortable to express her doubts, curiosities, opinions and points of view.
  2. Ask the group to suggest ground rules they feel are important. Use Handout 2 for some examples
  3. Have the group discuss and vote on these ground rules. Those that the majority of the girls support should be written up on the large sheets of paper hanging on the wall.
  4. Invite all the girls to the sign ground rules.
  5. Explain to the group that these ground rules were decided democratically and, therefore, we will follow these in the following sessions.
  6. Point out that the focus of the workshops is to promote critical reflection of different gender norms, attitudes and behaviours and to provide a space where girls can reflect on what choices are best for them in relation to the topics that will be addressed.
  7. Following this, ask the girls if they are willing to participate in Goal and if so, request them to sign the consent form (if not already done; see copy in Appendix F).
  8. Bring the ground rules to the programme site every week and post them in a visible place so girls are aware of the rules – you may also want to revisit these ground rules as necessary through the various activities, particularly before the discussion of anticipated problematic topics.