At A Glance

  • After a few seconds' observation, each participant is asked to introduce the young woman on her right. The young woman who was introduced will then correct any false information and introduce the young woman on her right. The exercise shows that conclusions about someone based simply on appearances are often inaccurate.

If using Chairs, arrange them in a circle

Time Required: 
30 Minutes
  • To help girls to learn each other's names and backgrounds.
  • To illustrate that judgements based on physical appearance are not reliable.
  • To help girls become more comfortable with each other.
  1. With girls seated in a circle, tell them that they have a few seconds to observe the young woman on their right and introduce her based on that observation only. Explain that we often form conclusions about people based on their physical appearance, and this exercise will test how accurate these conclusions can be.
  2. When introducing a participant they must give her first name, age, number of brothers and sisters, and one hobby or interest.
  3. The participant who was introduced will then correct any inaccuracies in the introduction then introduce the young woman on her right.
  4. When all girls have been introduced, lead a short discussion on the lessons they gained from the introduction exercise.