Secret Whispers

  • Introduce and explain the concept of communication.
  • Highlight that communication is an ever-present activity in our daily life.
  • Highlight that in verbal communication messages get distorted due to selective listening or misinterpretation of words.
  • Bring out that the distortion increases with the length of a chain.


Time Required: 
30 Minutes
  • To introduce the concept of communications.
  • To show how things can be miscommunicated
  1.  Instruct the girls to sit in a circle
  2.  Instruct one member to whisper one sentence into the ears of the next member and emphasize that the sentence should be whispered only once.
  3. The member receiving the sentence cannot ask for clarifications.
  4. This goes on till the message reaches the last member.
  5. Instruct the last member to reproduce the sentence aloud
  6. If the sentence has changed get each member to reproduce what she heard and check at what point the sentence changed.
Discussion Questions: 
  • Was the message the same at the end as when it started? If not, why do you think the message changed?
  • What does this tell you about ‘overhearing’ things from someone? Do you think something you hear indirectly could be confused for something else?
  • Did you find it hurtful to know what was being said around the circle?