Say It With Silence

  • Girls are divided into pairs and must take turns telling their partner as much as possible about themselves without speaking.
  • When girls regroup everyone takes turns introducing their partners.
  • This is also a good introduction activity.


Time Required: 
One hour
  • To understand how body language can influence the way people understand communication.
  • To help girls learn each other's names and backgrounds.
  1. Divide the girls into pairs.
  2. Let girls know that they will each have 10 minutes to tell their partner as much as possible about themselves without using any words or sounds. This can be done by using actions, like a mime or the game charades.
  3. When the 20 minutes are up, ask girls to come back together.
  4. Give each participant a chance to introduce her partner.
  5. After each introduction allow the women who was introduced to correct or add any information about herself.
Discussion Questions: 
  • Was it hard to explain things without words? Why?
  • What did the speaker get right? What did she get wrong?
  • Why do you think some things were confusing when you couldn’t use words?