Handout 4 - Sample Role Plays

It is the time of the Dussehra festival. The time when there is a mela in the community for nine days. Sheela, Suman, Ratnaand Shalu are going to the fair tonight. They ask Babli to come along with them, but Babli’s auntie is coming over for dinner and she cannot go. Sheela, Suman and the rest tell her she must come, they will all have fun together. Babli is confused. She refuses saying her mother will be angry. Her friend says, ‘if you don’t come today with us we will never speak to you again.’ Babli goes to the mela.

Abhishek Bachchan’s latest movie is playing in the hall near the community. All the girls are dying to see the film. Sunita, Jyoti, Mamta and Vinita plan to see the film. They are sure their parents would not allow them. They make a plan secretly. They ask Shehnaz to come along. She is very scared; what if her mother gets to know? All her friends say ‘Don’t worry. We are all in it together. We’ll face it all together.’ Shehnaz says ‘but it is wrong’. Her friends say ‘If we all are doing it, then how can it be wrong?’ Shehnaz goes to the movie.

Payal has just cut her long hair into a short style. Her sister, Meena, finds her crying and asks her what is wrong. When Payal says she hates her new hairstyle, Meena asks her why she cut it. Payal explains that all her friends cut their hair and told her that she should too. When she said that she preferred her long hair, they said she must be too scared to do it. Payal told them that she wasn’t scared, but they said, ‘Well, then, if you’re not scared, prove it. Go get a short style.’ She didn’t want them to think she was scared, so she did it.