Peer Pressure

  • Before this section you may want to think of other personal examples of peer pressure that you want to share.

Sample Role Plays and What is Peer Presuure (Handouts 4 and 5)

Time Required: 
One hour
  • To understand what peer pressure is.
  1. Invite six girls to enact small role plays in pairs. See role plays on Handout 4 overleaf.
  2. Follow this role play with an Introduction to Peer Pressure (‘What is Peer Pressure?’– see Handout 5 overleaf).
  3. Follow presentation with a general discussion.
  4. Wrap up the session with a presentation on ‘Choosing what to do’ followed by clarifications.
Discussion Questions: 
  • Have you faced situations of peer pressure? Can you share some real-life experiences?
  • How did you feel when you were unsure about doing something, but only did it to please your friends?
  • How did you cope with such a situation?