Learn To Say No

  • Encourage group to repeat the exercise several times. Girls have a great time doing this and as they practice a few times, they become more confident of themselves and of being able to say 'NO'.
  • Remind them how they started and how they are saying '˜NO' now.


Time Required: 
45 Minutes to One Hour
  • To learn to say 'No' and practice dealing with negative peer pressure.
  1.  Discuss with the the girls why it is important to just say ‘No’ if you are in a risky situation. Discuss what these risky situations could be.
  2. Ask girls to give you a list of the situations or acts where it is
  3. important to say no. The list may look like this: a) Stealing b) Cheating in an exam c) Taking drugs d) Giving in to pressure to have sex e) Going out with a stranger or an adult you know but do not feel comfortable with f) Keeping stolen goods
  4. Ask the girls what they or their friend do in such situation. Do they say “NO” if so ask them how they say it?
  5. Explain that in these situation it is best to say “NO” firmly and it necessary leave how they say it.
  6. Make a circle and tell the group to practice saying no. Each person must use the appropriate voice, body language and expression and say “NO” assertively.
  7. Call upon individual members randomly and ask them to get up and say “NO” using the appropriate voice, tone and body language.
Discussion Questions: 
  • How did you feel saying ‘No’? Was it comfortable?
  • What body language and voice were most effective for getting your message across?
  • What stops you from saying ‘No’ to people in your daily life?