Good Leadership

  • Girls are asked to think of a leader they admire and write down three qualities they feel make them a good leader. Discussions explore what makes an effective leader.
  • Arrange seats in a circle and place flipchart paper where it will be seen by everyone in the circle.
  • Write Good Leader at the top of a sheet of flip chart paper.
  • Flipchart Paper
  • Markers
Time Required: 
30 Minutes to One hour
  • To explore the qualities we see in good leaders and role models
  1. Instruct girls to think of a leader they admire (e.g. mother, community leader, celebrity, politician) and think of three qualities they believe makes them effective leaders.
  2. Allow approximately five minutes for this, then ask each young woman to share her thoughts. Record the qualities listed on the flipchart paper.
  3. Discuss the qualities that came out. Was anything surprising? What can we do to be effective leaders?
  4. Following the discussion, ask each young woman to reflect on all the qualities that the group has identified:  
    • a) Positive qualities she believes that she already has 
    • b) Positive qualities she would like to develop 
    • c) Negative qualities she would like to manage or eliminate