Conflict Ladder

  • This activity may be very relevant for conflicts when playing sports as well as in daily life.
  • You may want to combine this activity with a sport game (eg netball) to show how to resolve conflicts on the field.


Time Required: 
One hour
  • To understand how to deal with conflict.
  • To learn skills to help resolve conflicts.
  1. Discuss with the girls that disagreements are a part of everyday life. Sometimes the disagreements become conflict situations and people can get very angry.
  2. Ask the girls to share a conflict situation from their experience. If no one volunteers, you can begin with your own story. Example: you have told a secret to a friend and found out that it has been told to others. After finding out you come to talk about it to the friend but the situation goes out of control.
  3. Brainstorm with the girls how one would react in such a situation. See Handout 6 for some ideas.
  4. Pair the girls and give them a minute or two to do a role play.
  5. They must show all four levels. Select one or two that are clear in their speech, tone and body language about the different levels. These girls role play for the whole group. Encourage girls to walk up the ladder. Every time they do so, the conflict escalates.
  6. Bring the girls together to discuss steps for conflict resolution. See Handout 7.