What's it About?

These activities cover a range of topics that relate to communication, building self-confidence and valuing what it means to 'be a girl'.

Why it's Important

Adolescent girls are a unique group – they have desires and challenges that can be different from ‘youth’ or ‘women’. They’re also going through a period of great change in their lives both mentally and physically. It’s important that they learn the value of being themselves, to define their roles in their homes and their community, and feel good about who they are.

Additionally, the communication skills covered in this session need to be mastered before the rest of the content can be taught.

When it's Done, Girls Should:

  • Know the best ways to communicate with each other
  • Have learnt how to identify peer pressure and to say 'no'
  • Understand mechanisms for resolving conflict
  • Have developed a basic understanding of how gender roles are defined in the home and community
  • Identify role models and set goals for the future