To Bank Not To Bank

  • There are many myths about banks and using banks. Make sure you understand these before your session. Also, explore other options girls have for savings in your community (post offices, savings groups, etc.) and share these options with the girls.


Time Required: 
45 Minutes
  • To identify and clarify common myths about banks.
  • To compare advantages and disadvantages of using financial institutions.
  1. Begin by asking the girls to make statements that they think are true about banks. The statements might include the following, or you may want to prompt with these statements (see Handout 37).
  2. Explain the myths and truths behind each statement (see Handout 37).
  3. Read the story of Atieno and Aleke (see Handout 38).
  4. Discuss questions about the story with the group. Review Handout 39 – Advantages to Saving at a Bank and to Saving at Home. Remember that an option that works for one person might not work for another – there are no right or wrong answers.
Discussion Questions: 
  • What do you think about Aleke’s and Atieno’s stories?
  • How does having money in the bank help Aleke reach his goals?
  • How does having money saved at home help Atieno and her family?
  • How does it make it harder for her to save?
  • Atieno puts money in and takes money out of her box frequently. What might happen if her savings were in a bank account and she made frequent deposits and withdrawals?
  • What are the advantages to saving in a bank?
  • What are the advantages of saving at home?