Skills Vs Qualities

  • This activity should follow after Ways to Make Money.
  • Encourage girls to be positive about their personal qualities, and do not allow any meanness about other girls' qualities.
  • This activity may work best with older girls.
  • Flipchart or Board Markers
  • List of Personal Qualities
  • List of Interests/Skills
Time Required: 
One Hour
  • To understand the difference between skills and personal qualities.
  • To help girls think about what skills they should develop to achieve their work goals.
  1. Begin by asking girls to yell out something they are good at. This may include things like singing, being a good daughter, maths, etc.
  2. Write two columns on the chart: ‘PERSONAL QUALITIES’ and ‘SKILLS’. Explain to the girls what each is:
    • Personal Quality: a personal quality is a part of character or personality. It often describes the way a person behaves or interacts with others.
    • Skill: a skill is something that a person does well, acquired through training, self-instruction or experience.
  3. Ask girls to name examples of skills and personal qualities. Use Handout 36 if they are having trouble thinking of ideas. Write the skills and qualities under the correct heading on the board.
  4. Divide the girls into five groups. Give each group a profession, and tell them to think of three skills and three personal qualities needed for each profession. Below are some sample professions, but you can choose the ones the girls will know the most about.
    • Fruit seller
    • Seamstress
    • Actress
    • Teacher
    • Nurse
  5. After 10 minutes, ask one girl from each group to present the skills and personal qualities they listed, and discuss as a group.
Discussion Questions: 


  • How can you improve personal qualities to fit a job you want?
  • How can you improve your skills to get a job you want?
  • How would you create an action plan to get the right skills and qualities for the job you want?