Handout 29 - The Story Of Suneetha

Suneetha is 20 years old and lives in a rural village in India. She is looking forward to her wedding in two months and moving to the city to live with her husband’s family.

Before she leaves, she wants to get a gift for her younger sister who will miss her so much. She feels sorry to be leaving her sister behind, but so many new adventures are waiting for her in the city! She will definitely need a new outfit. Her clothes are all worn and ragged from working in the fields.

While she plans to continue doing embroidery work that brings in a little money, she is really looking forward to working with her husband at his kiosk. Once she learns the business, he will be free to look for other opportunities. And that will help them save up enough money to rent their own place more quickly. Suneetha knows that her husband’s family will be expecting them to have a child soon, but she has other dreams for her new life in a place with so much going on.