Handout 41 - Role Plays

Role Play 1
Maria borrows $10 from each of two friends, for a total of $20. She plans to use this money to buy hats to sell in the market. She promises to repay in one week. After the first week she doesn’t sell all the hats; the second and third week she has other excuses. When she finally repays the money to her friends, she assumes everything is cool. But, her friends talk behind her back and avoid her. No one will lend her money again.

Role Play 2
Corina borrows a sweater from her older sister Sana and loses it. Corina promises to replace the sweater by saving her lunch money and finding odd jobs to earn money. But every day she goes out with her friends instead, spends her money and delays the repayment to Sana. The older sister gets angrier and angrier. Finally, to get back at her, Sana steals a favourite item belonging to Corina.

Role Play 3
Natalie needs to pay the fees for her vocational school term where she is learning carpentry, but she can’t find the money. This is her last term and she is excited to graduate. She visits the moneylender who agrees to lend her $50 at 20 per cent interest. They agree that she will repay a total of $60 dollars, $6 per week for 10 weeks. Natalie works at the institute and repays right on time for the first couple of weeks. But, when she fails to pay one week, the moneylender charges her double. She can never earn that much in one week, so she must find someone else to borrow money from to pay the moneylender. Now she owes two people money.