What's Your Position

  • Before facilitating this activity in the group, the facilitator should read this exercise carefully and, if possible, conduct this activity alone so that during the group session you can answer all queries.
  • Write Agree, Disagree and Don't Know on three pieces of paper. Stick each one of these signs in a different corner or area of the workshop space.
  • Ensure that the signs are close enough together to allow for easy communication between girls under each sign.
  • Three Pieces of Paper
  • Scissors
  • List of Statements
  •  Tape
Time Required: 
One hour
  • To provide an opportunity for girls to think through and discuss sensitive issues related to sexual and reproductive health and rights.
  1. Explain to girls that you will be reading a series of statements and after each one they should stand under a sign that reflects their opinion on the statement. These statements relate to sexual and reproductive health and rights.
  2. Explain that after each statement, girls choose a sign to stand under based on whether they agree or disagree with the statement, or don’t know how they feel.
  3. Tell girls that while they are encouraged to share their perspectives and discuss the statements, the exercise is not a debate, and no efforts should be made to change anyone’s perspective. It is a chance to share and discuss without judgement.
  4. After each statement, ask for volunteer from each of the opinion groups to share their perspectives.
  5. Choose the statements you feel are most appropriate to the group and add any others that may be interesting.
  6. Use the opportunity to correct any misconceptions that are revealed during the discussions.
  7. Close by discussing each of the rights listed in Handout 18 in language that is easily understood by the girls.
List of Statements
  • Sex before marriage is morally wrong.
  •  A woman who has had more than three sexual partners is promiscuous.
  •  Oral sex between consenting adults is acceptable.
  • A woman should marry the man her parents choose for her.
  •  A man’s sexual drive is stronger than a woman’s.
  •  After a certain point of arousal a man can not control himself.
  •  Women should enjoy sex.
  •  Women should have full control over how many children they have, and the spacing of those children.
  • It is unnatural for a woman to be sexually attracted to other women.
  • Abortion is only acceptable if the woman has been raped.
  • If a woman gets a man sexually aroused it is her responsibility to satisfy him.
  • If a drunk woman is raped it is her own fault.
  • It is okay for a woman to be attracted to both men and women.
  • A husband can rape his wife.
  • Teenagers should be taught about sex and provided with condoms if they decide to have sex.
  • Sometimes a woman can be responsible for being raped.
  • Women should have as many sexual partners as they choose.