Real Beauty Commercials

  • In small groups, the girls develop a commercial for a beauty product that develops real beauty.
  • You may want to prepare an art corner with all art supplies.
  • Poster Board
  • As many art supplies as possible: Marker/Crayons, Glitter, Scraps of Cloth, Newspaper, Magazine Clippings, Leaves, Flowers, Stones Glue, Scissors etc.
  • Copies of Handout 14
Time Required: 
One hour
  • To give girls the opportunity to think about what real beauty is.
  1. Divide girls into small groups.
  2. Explain that in the groups girls will have half an hour to discuss what is real beauty, and a further hour to imagine a product that would develop some aspect of ‘real beauty’ in users, as well as create a commercial for the product. They can use Handout 14 to make notes.
  3. Encourage girls to be creative, and remind them that the product need not be logical or scientific. The commercial as well, can take any form the group chooses.
  4. Inform girls that they can use the art supplies if they like.
  5. Let girls know that you will let them know when time is up for each activity.
  6. When time is up call girls back together to present their commercials.
Discussion Questions: 
  • What did you learn from the commercials about real beauty?
  • What is real beauty?