What's it About?

These activities cover a range of topics that relate to general health, reproductive health, and hygiene

Why it's Important

Adolescence is a time of great change within the female body. Some of these changes – getting your period, having sexual desires – are difficult for many girls to discuss with their families or even their friends.

Ignorance about these issues can be dangerous and learning about things, such as hygiene, is important to keeping girls healthy so they can go on to achieve everything they want in life. Additionally, adolescent girls can be disproportionately affected by sexually transmitted diseases. For example, in sub-Saharan Africa, 75 per cent of HIV-infected adolescents are girls. Girls need to know the basic facts about how to prevent infections and to stay safe.

When it's Done, Girls Should:

  • Feel more positive about their body image
  • Understand the basics of their body and anatomy
  • Develop skills for personal and household hygiene
  • Understand sexual health
  • Learn how to prevent sexually transmitted infections, including HIV and AIDS