Handout 25 - Defining Different Forms And Types Of Violence

  • Incest: sexual relations between blood-related persons (such as sex between father and daughter, father and son, mother and son, brother and sister, brother and brother, etc).
  • Sexual abuse: refers to any type of intimate (sexual) physical contact between an adult and a child.
  • Rape: the use of physical force or threat in order to obtain sexual relations with penetration – oral, vaginal or anal).
  • Sexual exploitation: taking advantage of, or involving children or adolescents in the sexual satisfaction of adults, including activities such as child prostitution and pornography.
  • Sexual harassment: manifested through indecent proposals, obscene words and pressure to have sexual relations, which the other party does not want.
  • Sexual violence: pressuring or forcing someone to perform sexual acts (can range from kissing to penetrative sex) against their will, or making sexual comments that make someone feel humiliated or uncomfortable. It does not matter if there has been prior consenting sexual behaviour between the individuals.
  • Emotional violence: is often the most difficult form of violence to identify. It is manifested through insults, humiliations, threats, lack of affection, etc. The consequences for men and women may be low self esteem, distrust and emotional insecurity.
  • Physical violence: is violence which is expressed through punching, kicking, shoving and other acts which can provoke injury, endangering the health of a man or woman.