Pin The Trash

  • Discuss the importance of putting trash in trash cans rather than throwing it on the ground. Explain that this keeps our communities cleaner and creates a healthier habitat.
  • Mention issues of environmental justice: communities have a right and a responsibility for healthy, garbage-free zones.
  • Large piece of paper with a drawing of a trash can in the middle
  • Small pieces of 'Trash'
  • Tape
  • Blindfold
Time Required: 
30 Minutes
  • To understand the importance of properly disposing of trash.
  1. One participant is blindfolded, spun around, and then must find a way to stick a piece of trash in the trash can. The other girls can help guide her (with words, not hands).
  2. Ask girls to list common items people throw away. What are some of the ways of disposing of this trash?
  3. Ask every girl to make an environmental pledge. Write these pledges down and post them at the programme site if possible.