Papers For Life

  • Before running this session, explore what the process is in your local community to register for a birth certificate if you do not have one. Your local government should be able to help you with this information.
  • Birth registration campaigns run by NGOs, such as Plan International, can provide free support to parents who want to register their children for birth certificate. Find out if a campaign is running in your area.
  • Understand what needs to be done to obtain other documents (copies of marriage certificates, identity documents).
  • Copy of a Goal Completion Certificate
  • Copy of Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate or Identity Documents (if available)
Time Required: 
30-45 Minutes
  • To be aware of the important documents that are necessary to access critical resources in the communities.
  1. Start by showing the group the Goal completion certificate. Explain that they receive this when they complete the Goal programme.
    • Ask them if they think it is important to have a certificate that shows they have completed the programme.
    • Why is it important? Who will they show it to?
  2. Explain to the girls that there are many important pieces of paper in their lives. Ask them if they can name them. Some examples include:
    • Birth certificate
    • Marriage certificate
    • Photo identification
    • School-leaving certificate
    • Any other documents that are relevant
  3. Explain why each document is important. Use Handout 28 ‘Birth Certificates – Papers for Life’ to learn why a birth certificate in particular is important.
  4. Share with the girls how they can gain access to these documents. Tell them they should keep copies in a safe place. Explain what they can do if they lose a document.