Mapping Resources

  • Prepare for this activity by researching the relevant institutions and resources in your area that girls can access. Find out any rules for access and share those during the session. Make sure you feel comfortable prompting girls with ideas if they cannot think of anything.
  • Programme facilitators might want to consider running the Mapping Resources Session earlier in the Goal programme, as part of the introduction activities. It might be valuable for participants to understand the resources that exist in their communities before they begin the Goal modules. Facilitators should also consider adding other resource providers to the discussion, such as hospitals, police stations, trusted adult's homes, women's health clinics, after school centers, safe public transportation and anything else they think might be relevant for participants.
  • Large piece of paper or white board
  • Small squares of paper
  • Markers/Crayons or Pen
  • Blu-Tack or Tape
Time Required: 
One Hour
  • To understand how to access resources and institutions in the community.
  1. Begin by asking the girls to list the buildings and places in their communities. These may include:
    • Bank
    • Post Office
    • School
    • Food Shop
    • Local Government
    • Office
    • These will be different for every community.
  2. Break the girls into small groups and ask each group to draw one of the institutions listed on a piece of paper. Ask them also to think of three things they can do at that location.
  3. Once the girls have completed the session, bring them back together as a group.
  4. Begin to draw a map of the local area with the main streets. This should be interactive – ask the girls to help you.
  5. Ask a representative from each group to place the drawing on the map. For each institution, ask them the three things they thought of to do at each location. Ask the group if there are any more. Write these down next to the location on the map.
  6. If you have completed the Papers for Life exercise, ask the girls which documents they should take with them to each location if they are going to access resources.