A Walk Around Town

  • This exercise should follow on from Mapping Resources and involves significant advance preparation, including:
  • Plan your route in advance and make sure you inform the owner/manager of the places you plan to visit. Ask them if they would like to address the girls to explain what their institutions do.
  • Gain consent from parents.
  • Ensure there are enough chaperones for the girls.

Consent Forms

Time Required: 
Two Hours
  • To experience institutions in the community.
  • To engage with other community members.
  1. Using the map you built in the Mapping Resources activity, plan a walk around the community to visit the resources identified.
  2. In each location you visit, ask the person you have spoken to in advance to explain to the girls what they can offer and how girls can access the resources available.
  3. Encourage girls to ask questions.
  4. At the end, bring the girls back to the programme site and ask them to discuss what they learned.