What's it About?

These activities cover a range of topics that relate to rights, freedom from violence, and an understanding of how to access resources and institutions in the community

Why it's Important

Rights provide a clear outline of what a free, just and peaceful world would look like, by setting minimum standards for how individuals and institutions should treat people. They also empower people to take action to demand and defend their rights and the rights of others. In many places in the world, girls are denied basic rights by virtue of many factors, including age and gender.

However, the starting point to realizing these rights is to understand them and where they come from. Also, girls are part of a much larger environment – their families, their communities, their countries and the world. On a small scale, this section can help girls know what resources are available in their communities and how to access them. On a larger scale, girls will learn about the environment and how to protect it.

When it's Done, Girls Should:

  • Understand what rights are and how they should be used
  • Have a basic understanding of sexual rights
  • Feel safe and comfortable discussing domestic or sexual violence
  • Be aware of different resources and institutions that girls can access
  • Be clear on environmental issues that affect the community