Goal is about empowerment – and this curriculum gives you the power to start with the foundations of a world-class programme, as well as the flexibility and agency to customize the activities as you see fit.

The activities in here are meant as guidelines or suggestions; however, the experts who designed this programme recommend spending at least six weeks completing activities from each of our core focus areas:

1. Be Yourself

These activities cover a range of topics that relate to communication, building self-confidence and valuing what it means to 'be a girl'.

2. Be Healthy

These activities cover a range of topics that relate to general health, reproductive health, and hygiene.

3. Be Empowered

These activities cover a range of topics that relate to rights, freedom from violence, and an understanding of how to access resources and institutions in the community.

4. Be Money Savvy

These activities cover a series of topics around money: saving it, spending it, making it, storing it and borrowing it.


Goal Events

Goal Events is a game-based version of the Goal programme, which takes topics from the different modules (Be Yourself, Be Healthy, Be Empowered and Be Money Savvy) and introduces them to adolescent girls through a play based approach over the course of a one, two or three day event. 

Goal Events can be used with smaller groups of girls or during large banner events, depending on how many coaches or volunteers are available to assist and the objective of the event. The Goal Events module combines Goal related play based games as well as sport skills, allowing adolescent girls to not only explore life skills but also sport skills and match based scenarios. Goal Events can be led by experienced coaches or trained volunteers within an organization or community. 

If you are interested in using Goal Events at your organisation, click below to download the Goal Events Toolkit.  

PDF icon Goal Events Toolkit v1.1.pdf

If you have any questions about Goal Events, please contact and we would be glad to speak to you about implementation as well as monitoring and evaluating your Goal Event.