Measurement And Evaluation For Goal Programme

This toolkit will guide you through monitoring and evaluating your Goal programme, providing Women Win feedback and contributing to an online open-source platform of Goal practitioners around the world. The monitoring and evaluation process for Goal is divided into three steps:

1. Participant baseline and endline survey

  • Survey is available in Word Document form to be printed for girls. For guidelines on administering the baseline/endline, please see the PDF Goal Questionnaire Guideline in the download forms link to the right.
  • The survey will be administered twice, once before the participants begin the Goal curriculum and once after the participants finish.
  • Reporting back: For more information on how to administer the survey and how to get the results to Women Win, email and we would be happy to help you out. 

2. Facilitator post programme questionnaire and session template

  • This is a qualitative questionnaire and blank template that should be completed by all facilitators at the end of the entire program
  • Reporting back: Answers can be typed into online form, see link under Forms. 

3. Drawing sessions

  • These sessions are integrated into the curriculum as a closing session for each module.
  • They serve as a qualitative and creative way for participants to demonstrate their understanding of key concepts after finishing a module.
  • Reporting back: These are for organisations to use to better understand the impact of Goal on their participants. They are not required to send these drawings to Women Win. 

The feedback and data you provide in each one of these steps will be an enormous help in creating a stronger, more innovative Goal programme.

Too many girls? Give us a sample size!

We understand that some organizations work with a large number of girls.  Based on your programme size, you should aim for the following sample sizes:

  • Programmes of less than 100 participants: conduct questionnaires with at least 40-50% of participants but a minimum of 25 respondents
  • Programmes between 100 – 500 participants: conduct questionnaires with 15-20% of participants but a minimum of 50 respondents
  • Programmes of 500 + participants: conduct questionnaires with 5-10% of participants but a minimum of 75 respondents and maximum of 250 respondents