Using This Activity Guide

The first step in ensuring you cover all the key messages in Goal is to understand what is available in this Activity Guide and how it fits together. There are lots of different activities, but you don't need to use them all. However, we do hope that you spend six weeks on each of the four core Activity Guide areas.

Before you start working with girls, you should create a calendar of activities, and map out which activities you want to do for the 30 weeks of the programme. Things will probably change as you meet and get to know your girls, and their level of comfort with the materials, so you can revisit your Activity Guide map every month.

Below is a sample of how you might lay out a full Goal programme. The sample below does not use all of the activities in the book, and is only intended as an example – you’re encouraged to use the activities that you like best or that are most relevant to your context, or even create your own activities.