Tips For Using This Guide

The Goal Activity Guide is designed to empower young girls for personal and economic development. We have thought carefully about this education toolkit, and used some of the best materials available from top organizations, to help you deliver the programme in the best way possible.

Flexibility: many of the topics have several activities to choose from. You can decide which activities you think will work best for your audience in a given period. Mix and match them.

Timing: we understand that some weeks you’ll have more time than others to deliver Goal. So we offer a variety of activities, ranging in time from 20 minutes to two hours, that you can use to suit your needs.

Best Practice: with existing education programmes like Living with HIV, Standard Chartered has developed best practices in creating quality education materials. We’ve also worked closely with the Population Council to design a holistic programme that covers the issues that adolescent girls need to know. In this toolkit we’ve reprinted activities from some of the top programmes working with young girls, as well as written new ones with our ultimate mission in mind.

Skills Development: because Goal is about empowerment, we hopethe programme will give new skills not just to you, the Goal Champion, but to our participants as well. Goal Champions/facilitators will also develop their own skills in public speaking, facilitation and life skills education through our ‘Train the Trainer’ programme.

Participation: the education activities are designed around the concept of learning through participation. This means that the learners get involved through activities, becoming a part of the education and awareness experience instead of listening to a lecture. It makes learning key messages more memorable and enables the participants to share their own personal stories and journeys – a key
to empowerment.

We hope that you will really enjoy your role as a Goal Champion. Your efforts will truly make a difference to girls in your community and around the world. Welcome to the team!