Activity Guide Introduction

Thank you for joining the Goal programme as an instructor. Whether you are volunteering to be a Goal Champion, or are staff of one of our NGO partners, we welcome you.

You now belong to a great team of committed young women from around the world who volunteer their time and effort to empower girls to build better futures for themselves and their families. You are part of a team that will teach basic life skills – communication, health and hygiene, and financial literacy – to girls that may have had no access to this type of education in the past.

Goal is about empowerment – and this toolkit gives you the power to start with the foundations of a world-class programme, as well as the flexibility and agency to customize the activities as you see fit. The activities in here are meant as guidelines or suggestions; but for a girl to fully complete the Goal programme, she should have received a minimum standard of education.

By this we mean that the programme spends at least six weeks completing activities from each of our core focus areas: